Astuces pour garder sa maison propre au jour le jour

Astuces pour garder sa maison propre au jour le jour

If you have just deep cleaned your house, you know doubt hope that it will stay neat and spotless for as long as possible.


But the reality is that a well-ordered living environment rarely remains so more than a few days. Especially if you have children! So how can you keep your home impeccable, without having to do scrub it all again from top to bottom? Here are some ideas.

1.   Set Yourself Some Rules … and Stick to Them!

One trick organized people employ is to dedicate short periods of time each day to wiping surfaces and putting things away. The mantra: a few minutes, every day. Here are some examples:

  • Never leave a room or storey without picking up an item and returning it to where it belongs.
  • Don’t use the stairs as a makeshift laundry basket, hoping that somebody will take down or bring up the dirty clothes.
  • Take those ten steps or ten seconds needed to put something away once you’re done using it. Don’t leave it on the counter, telling yourself you’ll do it later. By getting into the habit of tidying up immediately, you’ll soon notice that your home is less messy.
  • Make a list of tasks that can be finished in 15 minutes or less (do the dishes, make the bed, empty the dishwasher, fold the clothes, put the toys away, etc.). Then, let your family members know that each of them must complete one of these tasks daily and watch the items get checked off!
  • Make the beds every morning. This simple action will set the tone for the rest of the day and will contribute to reducing visual clutter in the bedroom. It’s also much more pleasant, at the end of the day, to slip under smoothed sheets.


2.   Integrate Cleaning Into the Little One’s Routine

Did you know that babies can participate in keeping the house organized? As soon as they can crawl, tiny tots can place stuff in a basket. They will need help at the beginning but, with practice, will naturally start to tidy up after themselves.

Kids will love lending a hand around the house if you make a game of it. Set challenges, like putting ten toys away and picking everything up in the playroom in under three minutes (use a timer or sign a song). Or ask them to choose clothes to donate and show them how to wipe the glass on the French doors. Even at a young age, they can empty the dishwasher. 

3.   Clutter Begets Clutter—Nip it in the Bud

Eliminate potential clutter hot spots, like the bedroom bench where clothes yet to be folded pile up or, even worse, get mixed up with the dirty ones! Make sure you put your clothes away as they are laundered or in the basket after you’ve worn them instead of dumping them in a corner.

Is the sink overflowing with dirty dishes? Get into the habit of washing everything and cleaning the kitchen each evening. Is there a tower of mail on the entryway table? Sort the envelopes as soon as you come inside. Of course, although not ideal as they tend to quickly fill up, a catch-all draw at least offers the advantage of hiding all that mess!


4.   Keep Up Your Good Pandemic Habits

You no doubt picked up some good habits during the Covid-19 pandemic that you should maintain. For example, regularly washing your hands is not only an effective way of reducing the spread of germs, but it can also help keep your walls, doorknobs, light switches, and banisters clean longer.

Moreover, airing out rooms improves the air quality inside your home as well as making it smell and feel fresh. Open those windows wide and let the breeze in!

5.   Organize with Decor

People who enjoy tidying up usually apply precise methods. Follow their example! What is more, when your closet spaces are visually appealing, you will be far more motivated to keep things neat over the long term.

In your dresser or closet, sort your clothes by category (coats, shirts, jeans, pants, etc.), then by colour, for darkest to lightest. Invest in attractive baskets and containers of various sizes. You will be more likely to maintain this system if each item has a designated place.

The most important point to remember is to do a little bit every day so you don’t become swamped by the mess! 

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